Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Gym Dilemma

So I think for the last 5 years I've always had a gym membership but rarely ever go. I really just have the gym membership sucking money out of my account just so I know that if I really wanted to go to the gym I could go. But tonight I signed up to the gym at work and think I might turn a new page and actually go. My belly seems to be getting bigger with age, and a large belly complimented with my skinny WHITE Hairy legs doesn't make for a good combo. So that's the deal, trying to do it.

This video has nothing to do with the gym, but its funny

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Here we GO.........

Well I thought that I would finally enter the blog world and since I find it hard to find the time to write in a journal it will be good to have my thoughts somewhere. It will also be good for all the folks back home to keep in touch with what is going on in my crazy life.

Well its November and I have been living in England for about 5 months. Things are going well, think I've fully adjusted to city life and London has been lots of fun so far.

Jac and I just got back from our "road trip" in Spain and it was a good time, but being the cheapo that I am we went in the off season as it was cheaper but was not as hot as we would have liked and lacking a bit of the atmosphere in the cities as it was low tourist season. We started in Barcelona for two nights, Valencia one night, Granada two nights, and we then we had a change of plans and headed back to Londres.

It all started at the Barcelona airport where we got our luggage and we were sitting waiting for the bus got on with all the luggage and began to chat. Jac then asked me if we had our extra carrying bag and I said yeah of course then I looked over to make sure and then turned pale and proceeded to crap my pants. I had left it at the bus stop were we were waiting!! So I told the bus driver "TENEMOS QUE BAJARNOS! DEJAMOS NUESTRAS MALLETAS A LA PARADA!" (which means we need to get off we left our bags at the bus stop) and we got all of our luggage out and I ran like I have never done before back to the bus stop. I finally got back there and luckily it was sitting on the bench all alone with a thousand people around it. So that was the first 10 minutes of the trip!! We took one of those tour buses, walked up and down Las Ramblas, went to Parc Guell, saw a African sunglasses seller guy getting chased by the police (and he dropped a few sunglasses which I picked up!) and went up the Sagrada Familia.

We got the rental car and headed down to Valencia, and luckily we got the satellite navigation which was a life saver. Valencia was a bit dead and walked around took some pictures and left the next day. Then our sat nav "Maggy" guided us down to Granada and we checked in to our hotel and went and saw the Moorish Alhambra. Was a crazy place and really cool to see.

Overall we had a good time cruising around together and we kept it exciting. We were supposed to come back on Saturday night but by the time that we got down to the Costa del Sol on Thursday we were a little burned out of spending money so we stopped by the Malaga airport and found a cheap flight back to London. We arrived there at around 7:30pm and the flight left at 9:10, so we were racing around the airport trying to find a Internet booth to buy the tickets, then ran back to the parking garage to return the rental car, and ran back to check in. So it was a mad dash but we made it and it has actually been nice to chill out for a few days with no work before we go back tomorrow morning.

So anyways doing well, a bit broke as we only get paid on the last Friday of the month but I'll survive. Miss and Love everybody back home and I'll update this hopefully often as I can.

Quote of the Day: "The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences." Christopher McCandless